Here's an incomplete list of stuff I've published, with stuff that's available online first and kind of in chronological order. 


What We Talk About When We Talk About Aliens, Split Lip

Re: Memoir Submission of Gilmore Girls by Rory Gilmore, McSweeneys Internet Tendency

Lawn Man, Little Fiction

The Fires, Booth 

The Combat Photographer Hesitates, The Underpass

Those People, The Collagist

Guardians, Hobart

Rockabye, originally published in Hobart, reprinted at Redux. 

Pop Star Dead at 22, Wigleaf

How We Got from Here to There, Pindeldyboz

Bare, Nerve


I spent a good chunk of 2012 writing stories based on television commercials and publishing them at the Hobart website. Here's a link to everything tagged "commercial fiction" over there. Here are a few of my favorites. 

State Farm






Flies coming soon in Redivider

The Fires in Booth 

Man of Action in Cherry Tree

Be Gene in Knee Jerk Review

The Jerry Garcia Finger in Quarterly West

Death and the Wiggles in Beloit Fiction Journal

So Fucking Metal in Heavy Feather Review

Rock Out, Mate in Mid-American Review

How to LIsten to Your Old Hair Metal Tapes in Columbia