This is the internet home of Dave Housley, author of Massive Cleansing Fire, This Darkness Got to Give, If I Knew the Way I Would Take You Home, Commercial Fiction, and Ryan Seacrest is Famous. 


This Darkness Got to Give

"Dave Housley has done something remarkable with This Darkness Got to Give. He's managed to combine a compelling procedural, a unique vampire tale, twin portrayals of loneliness and addiction, and a lovely, honest homage to the Grateful Dead and their fans in one outstanding book. I promise you -- it's unlike any book you've ever opened. This is a novel you'll read quickly and never forget. "
-- Ed Aymar, editor of "The Night of the Flood." 

Massive Cleansing Fire

"Once again, Dave Housley has shaped a singular collection to dazzle and delight, this time with a tool as old as civilization itself: fire. In eight stunning stories and an equal number of interstitial vignettes, Housley wields spark and flame and smoke as plot device, metaphor and theme, while balancing his uproarious comic sense with an unerring glimpse into the human heart. Reader, Massive Cleansing Fire doesn’t care that the roof is aflame. It lets that motherfucker burn."
- Tom Williams, author of Don't Start Me Talkin' and Among the Wild Mulattos and Other Tales

If I Knew the Way,
I Would Take You Home

"Accents of hair metal, glam rock, and boy-band pop punctuate the 12 engaging stories in this collection, most of them set in rural backwater towns in the author’s native Pennsylvania....Readers will find these stories light, amusing, and warmly wrapped (as Housely writes in “How to Listen to Your Old Hair Metal Tapes,” one of three essays that conclude the book) in “that gauze of nostalgia, the soft edge that comes from growing up with something." Publisher's Weekly

It's time to admit what everyone knows: there's no bolder, no wittier critic of our modern, polarizing American culture than Dave Housley, who points out the absurdities in our relationships while reminding us why we must hold on to each other." -- Susan Muaddi-Darraj, American Book Award winner, A Curious Land