Hi I'm Dave. I'm a writer and a normal person, but this is the site for my writing stuff, so I'll focus on that. I've written some books. The most recent one is Massive Cleansing Fire, a group of stories that all end in a massive, cleansing fire. It's also kind of about the end of the world. My first novel, This Darkness Got to Give, is coming out in June from Pandamoon Publishing. It's a super weird and hopefully fun paranormal noir that takes place on the last Grateful Dead tour in 1995. More about the books, including links to buy them or read more about them, is included on the books page. 

I've had work published in Booth, Hobart, Little Fiction, McSweeneys Internet Tendency, Mid-American Review, Wigleaf, and some other places. A somewhat complete list of publications is on the publications page. 

I'm one of the editors of Barrelhouse magazine, and one of the co-founders and the current primary organizer of the Conversations and Connections writer's conference. 

I live in State College, PA with my wife Lori and son Ben and two dogs and a cat. I'm the Manager for Web Strategy at Penn State Outreach and Online Education.